Are you looking for a storefront to showcase your brand? A retail space where people can sample, feel, and see your product? Our shop is a storefront that rents our retail space to Handmade Artisans from across Canada. We are located 5 minutes from downtown Milton, Ontario. As a creator for over 25 years we love all things handmade. It is our pleasure to provide other handmade creators the opportunity to showcase their products in a cozy beautiful shop.


Building a brand

Building a brand takes time and commitment as being discovered does not happen over overnight. For example, a customer who previously purchased your product may return only to find your products are no longer available at the store. Choosing a longer term in store gets your brand recognized within the community and in the long term better return on your investment.


Will I get sales?

Being in retail is an investment, a learning experience, a platform to help you grow. We are here to help you with your goals and getting your brand recognized within the community, helping you reach new customers. It is a way to be seen, a way to reach out and meet new customers. Additionally, customers will sometimes purchase directly from you after purchasing from the store.

We post on multiple social media platforms, paid ads, email marketing and work with a social media marketing company to expose your brand. We occasionally participate in community markets to engage the community and spread the word about our store. Customers feedback has been positive and they are happy to support the local small business in their community.  

Your sales will fluctuate from month to month. Even if you don’t have a successful monetary month we hope that you remember being in a store front is so much beyond that! Exposure of your brand, online orders, future orders, custom orders...etc

Monthly fees include
  1. promotion on Social Media 
  2. promotion at local community markets
  3. a year round market to showcase your products
  4. packaging and shipping of your products for online sales
  5. your products added to our website
  6. maintenance, advertising and running of our business

We can't wait to work with you!