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80's Noir - Bar Soap

80's Noir - Bar Soap

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80's Noir -   It's a masculine combination of lavender and spice along with citrus and warm cedarwood similar to the scent of Drakkar Noir - pure nostalgia.  I'm aging myself here... memories of my dad wearing this scent and me being so proud when he wore what I bought him for father's day.


▪︎Phthalates and Paraben free

▪︎Palm Oil free

▪︎This bar is 125g at the time of packaging. I cure my soap for a minimum of 4 weeks. This allows for the water in each bar to evaporate and all the ingredients to form into a nice solid and hard bar of soap. Water may continue to evaporate after packaging.

▪︎ Each bar is handmade, and the colour and the design may vary slightly from bar to bar.

▪︎ Check the ingredients. This soap is not recommended for people with allergies or sensitivity to any included ingredients. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

▪︎ It is highly recommended to use a draining soap dish that allows your soap to dry in between uses - it will last much longer for you!

▪︎ Soaps with strong colours may lather with those colours. The colour will rinse from your sink. While I have never had a problem, be cautious with white cloths.

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